Construction Additives


On January 1st, 2022, DEFOTEC Entschäumer Vertriebs-GmbH merged with LEVACO Chemicals GmbH.
Therefore, the LEVACO portfolio is extended by solutions for antifoam & food, paper, cable and construction.

Additives for the construction industry

For the construction industry, LEVACO provides different performance additives which enable the end-users to achieve the best quality and usability of the construction materials.

LEVACO offers a series of specialized additives targeting the producers of dry-mortar for rendering, gypsum and cement-based tile adhesive.
The portfolio comprises the key elements in such formulations: the control of air-pores after mixing with water and the control of the desired rheology of the finished product. LEVACO products can define sag-resistance of cement-based tile adhesive, set the desired water factor in rendering mortar or minimize the emerge of pinholes in self-leveling formulations.

LEVACO provides a selection of key performance additives for the dry mortar and cement board industry.

  • DEFOSPUM® Powder defoaming agents as an additive for dry mortar and construction materials.
  • LUCRAMUL® Wetting agents for dry powder applications.
  • LUCRAMUL® Wetting agents for waterborne formulations.
  • LUCRAMUL® Dispersants for waterborne and dry powder building materials.
  • Highly efficient DEFOPOL powder form thickeners for the production of dry powder-based tile adhesives, renders, plasters and grouts.

Additives for construction materials - rheological additives for dry mortar

Additives for construction materials

DEFOPOL series - the key to rheology control in dry-mortar technology

Fundamentally improved sag resistance, pumpability, waterloss prevention, wall-adhesion and improved leveling properties with our DEFOPOL product series.

DEFOPOL SW grades - a powdered anionic polyacrylamide copolymer building material thickener for various applications in plaster and cement mortars, fillers, building adhesives, floor and joint systems.

DEFOPOL C1005F is a non-ionic powdered polyacrylamide building material thickener, that fixes the water demand and workability parameters in machine-applied gypsum mortars and cement-lime plasters

DEFOPOL products can be used for compounds comprising other additives like plain methylcellulose derivatives, plasticizers, defoamers, and starch ethers.

Additives for construction materials - rheological additives for dry mortar

Rheological additives for dry mortar

Product overview DEFOPOL

Product Application Application advantages


Additive for wall plasters based on lime, gypsum or cement. Additives for methylcellulose compounds

  • Improves pumpability, processing, and sag-resistance on walls
  • Increases the open time on porous substrates
  • Improves the leveling properties of plasters and mortars


Additives for cement mortars and cement plasters. Additive for methylcellulose compounds

  • Universal additive for the improvement of pumpability, processing, and sag-resistance on walls
  • Increases the open time on porous substrates


Additive for tile adhesives

  • Improves processing
  • Improves sag-resistance of tiles on walls
  • Improves open time of building formulations


Additive for wall plasters based on lime, gypsum or cement. Additive for methylcellulose compounds

  • Improves pumpability and processing.
  • Improves smoothing and leveling of plasters and mortars

DEFOSPUM® PE 11 – antifoaming agent

During mixing and manufacturing of construction materials (self-leveling mortar, float finish, injection mortar, gypsum putty, fibre cement panels, etc.) an efficient deaeration of the mixed material is needed for a flawless appearance.

With our DEFOSPUM® PE 11, LEVACO offers a state-of-the-art powder defoaming agent for foam-sensitive formulations.

Additives for construction materials – powder defoaming agent

Powder defoaming agent

LUCRAMUL® & LUCRACHEM® series – special construction additives

LEVACO offers a series of specialized additives targeting the producers of building materials.

LUCRAMUL® products provide fast wetting in self-leveling grouts, ease of leveling in gypsum plaster or durable air-pores in batch mixed wet mortars.

LUCRACHEM® AD MO is added to powdery mixes to eliminate dust in handling. Especially bagged cement-based mixes can gain from this application feature.

On the organic chemical side of construction materials, LUCRACHEM® EPC products are constituents of high-performance thermal insulation foams for construction application.

Further LEVACO manufactures specialized emulsifiers for bitumen emulsion and concrete release agents.

Product overview LUCRAMUL® & LUCRACHEM®


Non-ionic Air-Entraining Agent in powder form with medium air-entrainment effect and high pore stability. Also employed as fast wetting- and plasticizing agent for flowable mortars and grouts.


Non-ionic AEA in flaked form for the preparation of wet mortar and ready-mixed mortars.
Medium air-volume entrainment paired with extreme pore stability.


Dispersant and plasticizer for the rheological modification of gypsum and cement-based building material compositions.


Liquid, dust-reducing additive with self-emulsifying properties for dry powdery mixes, especially tile adhesive.


Bifunctional polyether polyols for the manufacturing of foams with low thermal conductivity.
The material is used in the manufacturing of high-performance thermal insulation boards and foams.


Specialized additives for construction materials

Special additives for construction materials